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Renato Silvano is bachelor in biology and has a Doctor degree in Ecology by the University of Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, Brazil. He has been doing research dealing with artisanal fisheries, fish ecology and ethnobiology since 1994, participating in about 11 research projects conducted in both marine, estuarine and freshwater environments, in places such as the southeast and northeast Brazilian coasts, as well as the Brazilian Amazon. Currently, Renato is professor in the ecology department of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in Porto Alegre, Brazil. His actual research interests are research projects linking fish ecology, fishermen's behaviour and fishermen's local ecological knowledge, in order to better understand the dynamics of small-scale artisanal fisheries in tropical countries. He has published in journals such as Environmental Biology of Fishes, Fisheries Research and Ecological Economics , among others.

Selected Publications
Silvano R.A.M., P.F.L. MacCord, R.V. Lima e A. Begossi. 2006. When does this fish spawn? Fishermen's local knowledge of migration and reproduction of Brazilian coastal fishes. Environmental Biology of Fishes , No prelo.

Silvano, R.A.M. and A. Begossi. 2005. Local knowledge on a cosmopolitan fish: Ethnoecology of Pomatomus saltatrix (Pomatomidae) in Brazil and Australia. Fisheries Research 71: 43-59.

Silvano, R. A. M. , Udvardy, S., Ceroni, M., and Farley, J. 2005. An Ecological integrity assessment of a Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest watershed based on surveys of stream health and local farmers' perceptions. Ecological Economics, 53: 369-385.

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Silvano, R.A.M . 2001. Feeding habits and interspecific feeding associations of Caranx latus (Carangidae) in a subtropical reef. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 60 (4): 465-470.

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Silvano, R.A.M. ; Amaral, B.D. and Oyakawa, O.T. 2000. Spatial and temporal patterns of diversity and distribution of the Upper Juruá River fish community (Brazilian Amazon). Environmental Biology of Fishes, 57 (1): 25-35.

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