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Juarez Carlos Brito Pezzuti, Pará Federal University (UFPA), turtle ecology, wildlife use and conservation, DSc.Biologist, obtained BSc. Degree from Campinas State University (Unicamp, Campinas-SP, Brasil, 1995), MSc. at Amazonia National Research Institute (INPA, Manaus-AM, Brasil, 1998) DSc at Unicamp (2003). He has conducted investigations of freshwater turtle reproductive ecology in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve (Amazonas, 1996), Jaú National Park (Amazonas, 1997-2004), Balbina (Uatumã River, 1999-2000), Negro River (Barcelos, 2000-2001) and Caxiuanã (Pará State, 2003-2004), foccusing on the reproductive parameters of all Podocnemis species (turtle nest density and distribution, natural and anthropical causes of nest loss, and factores affecting eclosion and development rates and sex ratio). He has also been investigating the sustainability of subsistence turtle collecting in Jaú National Park since 1997, combining different methodologies (collecting and measuring carapaces and skulls of eaten animals, interviews, hunting calendars and other participatory methods), and also food preferences and taboos regarding turtles. The project also undertook a detailed study of the population ecology of Peltocephalus dumerilianus, locally the most important game species. Now implementing community-based management of river turtles in three different locations in the Amazon basin that include training programs for management and sustainable use.

Selected Publications
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