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Alpina Begossi is a researcher in Fisheries and in Human Ecology at the CAPESCA-PREAC-UNICAMP, Campinas and Paraty, Brazil.  Her background includes a Bs. in Biology (Ecology) (UFRJ, 1981), a Ms. in Biological Sciences (Ecology) (Unicamp, 1984), and a PhD in Ecology (UCDavis, 1989). She has been publishing articles in journals such as Current Anthropology, Ecology and Society, Economic Botany, Ecological Applications, Environment, Development, and Sustainability, Fisheries Research, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, Journal of Ethnobiology, and Human Ecology, among others.

Selected Publications
1. BEGOSSI, A. e RICHERSON, P. J. 1991. The diffusion of "lambreta", an artificial lure, at Búzios Island (Brazil). Maritime Anthropological Studies , 4(2): 87-103.

2. BEGOSSI, A. e BRAGA, F. M. de S. 1992. Food taboos and folk medicine among fishermen from the Tocantins River. Amazoniana , 12(1): 101-118.

3. BEGOSSI, A. 1992. Food taboos at Búzios Island (SE Brazil): their significance and relation to folk medicine. Journal of Ethnobiology , 12(1): 117-139.

4. BEGOSSI, A. 1992. The use of optimal foraging theory to understand fishing strategies: a case from Sepetiba Bay (State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Human Ecology , 20 (4): 463-475.

5. BEGOSSI, A. 1995. Fishing spots and sea tenure in Atlantic Forest coastal communities: incipient forms of local management. Human Ecology , 23 (3): 387-406.

6. BEGOSSI, A. 1996. Use of ecological methods in ethnobotany. Economic Botany 50 (3): 280-289.

7. BEGOSSI, A., HANAZAKI, N. e PERONI. 2000. Knowledge and use of biodiversity in Brazilian hot spots. Environment, Development and Sustainability , 2(3-4): 177-193.

8. BEGOSSI, A, HANAZAKI, N. e TAMASHIRO, J. Y. 2002. Medicinal plants in the Atlantic Forest (Brazil): knowledge, use, and conservation. Human Ecology 30(3): 281-299.

9. BEGOSSI, A, HANAZAKI, N. E RAMOS, R. 2004. Food chain and the reasons for food taboos in the Amazon and in the Atlantic Forest coast. Ecological Applications 14(5): 1334-1343.

10. BEGOSSI, A. 2006. Temporal stability in fishing spots: conservation and co-management in Brazilian artisanal coastal fisheries. Ecology & Society 11(1): 5

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