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Priscila F. L. MacCord holds a master degree in Ecology from the University of Campinas. At the present time, she is a PhD fellow at the same institution, also in Ecology, studying the use of ecological models applied to the understanding of choices and decisions made by artisanal fishers. At the same time, she has been working in parallel projects coordinated by Dr. Alpina Begossi and Dr. Renato Silvano, in studies dealing with ethnobiology and fisheries on the Brazilian coast and in the Amazon.

Selected Publications
GUIMARÃES JR, P. R., LOPES (MACCORD), P. F. M., LYRA, M. L. & MURIEL, A. P. 2005. Fleshy pulp enhances the location of Syagrus romanzoffiana (Arecaceae) fruits by seed-dispersing rodents in an Atlantic forest in south-eastern Brazil. Journal of Tropical Ecology 21: 109-112

SILVANO, R. A. M.; MACCORD, P. F. L.; LIMA, R. V. & BEGOSSI, A. in press. When does this fish spawn? Fishermen’s local knowledge of migration and reproduction of Brazilian coastal fishes. Environmental Biology of Fishes, forthcoming.

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